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Zero Nutz - from sure grip

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Individually packaged in sets of 8 with 5 colors to choose from, 8mm only. ZERO NUTZ are a super lightweight alternative to traditional aluminum axle nuts with an added bonus. ZERO NUTZ are designed with a unique one of a kind bearing guard that protects you bearings from skate tools, socket wrenches, or anything else that might dent or damage your bearing shields. This same bearing guard also protects against dirt and debris from entering the bearing whether you skate outdoors or indoors. This unique concept is the first of its kind in roller skating, never damage your bearings again.

Zero Nutz - from sure grip Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Zero Nutz, no fuss ;)

Posted by Mark H on Nov 27 2016

Bought "Zero Nutz" on the possibility of weight reduction as I speed skate. And at 6 or some dollars it was worth a try. Two things I noticed straight away, firstly was the promised elimination of drag on the bearing is real :), secondly, since the "Zero Nuts" are all plastic (nylon I think) they grip the axel beautifully. Every time I skate I have to check the metal axel nuts, as they work there way loose. Will have to see over time how well the integral wheel bear guards work. All in all, much impressed with "Zero Nutz". I'll be getting another set later, and would recommend them whole heartedly :D

Keep bearings cleaner

Posted by Rebecca on Nov 13 2016

I've only just started to use these, but I can tell that the nuts are blocking dust and other debris from getting to my bearings. They are also a nice, vibrant color.