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TSG Force IV Knee Pads

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Prime knee protection for vert skaters featuring a strong Cordura construction with enlarged top part. It provides additional stability for superior enclosed knees without limiting movability
Polyethylene cap, Neoprene laminated Nylon, EVA, 1000D and 1680D Polyester, velvet laminated with sponge, elastic straps

TSG Force IV Knee Pads Reviews

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TSG Force IV kneepads

Posted by Unknown on Mar 02 2018

I've played roller derby with these for years, and nothing else feels quite the same. They're super low profile, so my knees never knock due to knee pad bulge. They don't sacrifice protection, though -- they're comfortably cushioned, and the cinch clip at the bottom secures the knee pad properly so it doesn't slide around. The only thing I would change about them is that the butterfly closure backs have super wide neoprene strips, which makes them trap heat, but that's both pretty common in knee pads and a small price to pay for the fact that they don't slip off.

Thanks to Skate Ratz for continuing to carry these!