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Adjustable Toe Stop Lock Nut & Washer 1 nut 1 Washer
Riedell Skates
As low as $20.00
If you are serious about protecting your skates, look no further than the Riedell Toe Caps. Unlike single strap toe covers that sometimes slide from side to side, these toe caps have been designed to stay securely in place, protecting your boot under the...
atom skates
The longest lasting stopper on the market today. Supper Stopper is a proven staple in the derby community. This stopper has been recognized as the best stopper in derby for all surfaces. The combination of grip, longevity and footprint size makes Bionic...
Riedell Skates
$25.99 $3.00
The PowerDyne Jam Plug is a 5/8” black rubber plug for jam and rhythm skating. The Jam Plug fits most industry standard plates. Each plug is sold individually, so if you are looking for a pair, be sure to set your quantity to 2. PowerDyne Jam Plug...
Riedell Skates
As low as $9.00
Keep your skates looking new with the leather Riedell Toe Guards. Thread the top of the toe guard with your laces around the bottom eyelets of your boot and loop the bottom through the toe stop bolt to prevent the front of your boot from getting scuffed...
As low as $30.00
What is this new Gumball Superball?The new Superball is the industry's first & only dual Durometer / oversized toe stop! The super ball is a hollow - stem , 60 mm toe stop combining the best of both worlds , classic gumball natural rubber compound...
Riedell Skates
$25.99 As low as $4.50
The PowerDyne Adjustable Toe Stop features a regular 5/8” bolt with a urethane stop available in black or gray. Each toe stop is sold individually. For a full set make sure that your quanity is set to 2. PowerDyne Adjustable Toe Stop Features:...
$25.99 $15.00
The PowerDyne Y3 Skate Tool features threetools in one! This multipurpose skate tool is designed with a 1/2” socket for axlenuts, a 9/16” socket for kingpin locknuts, and finally a 15/16” open wrench for toe stop locknuts. TheY3 is a...
As low as $19.99
All NEW fron grnmnsrt !! Gumball® Toe Stops are designed and made specifically with roller derby in mind. Made with all natural rubber and an aluminum stem (to reduce weight), Gumball® Toe Stops have the perfect balance of grip and durability...
Sure Grip
$25.99 As low as $19.99
PICK YOUR FAVORITE COLOR ! Proudly made in the USA employing a state of the art rubber formula and the same style hollow stem as our Snyder Advantage toe stop, the “Rx” toe stop offers exceptional grip and dramatically improved wear over...
Riedell Skates
$25.99 As low as $4.50
The 5/16" Bolt-On Toe Stops from PowerDyne have a rubber bell shape and are available in black for adult size skates (size 1-14), and gray for kids or junior size skates (size Junior 10-13). EachBolt-On Toe Stop issold individually, so if you are...
Riedell Skates
$25.99 $4.50
The PowerDyne Midi Gripper Stop is a 5/8” traditional-sized black rubber toe stop. The Midi Gripper will fit most roller skate plates that require adjustable stops. Each Midi Gripper Stop is sold individually, so to get a pair be sure to set your...
Mota Skates
Product DescriptionDoug and Julie Glass had to work hard in order to better what they already developed in 2012-13. Using the best stopper formula the industry has to offer when it comes to grip and longevity, combined with a new angle, larger footprint,...
As low as $20.99
      Rubber Stopper   Colors: natural, red (cherry), turquoise (kiwi), pink (passion), orange, yellow (lemon)   Natural rubber compound   Long...
Sure Grip
As low as $10.00
Sure-Grip Rebel Toe Guards are a great way to save your skate boots .
$25.99 $20.00
The PowerDyne Y4 Skate Tool features fourtools in one! This versatile skate tool includes a 1/2” socket for axlenuts, an 11/16” socket for truck adjustment locknuts on PowerDyne Reactor Series plates, a removable 9/16” socket for truck...
Sure Grip
As low as $27.18
Snyder has 5 different toe stops to choose from depending on what you’re looking for. Essentially there are 3 basic sizes; small, medium, and large. The small toe stop is considered a dance toe stops, the medium is considered a junior toe stops,...