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Smith Scabs - Skateboard pro knee pads (all new design)

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The Smith Scabs SkateKnee have been engineered to increase mobility whileprovidingmaximum protection possible. The quick release system allows quick andeasy on and off. These pads are built to take a beating for you. Thereplaceable cap allows you to extend the life of your pads.

Smith Scabs - Skateboard pro knee pads (all new design) Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Good for falling, not for derby

Posted by Kayleigh on Apr 06 2018

These knee pads offer a good amount of cushion for falling, especially compared to my old knee pads, and they're not as bulky as some other brands out there. However, I wouldn't recommend these for roller derby, the first scrimmage I played in with these on, the shell of the knee pad came right off (they're only held on with velcro???)

I wanna buy them now

Posted by Donovan on Sep 26 2016

I want them really now