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S1 Lifer Visor roller derby helmet

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This is S1 Lifer helmet with a factory installed S1 Visor. 


S1 Lifer Helmet w/ Visor Specs

Helmet Certifications:

• ASTM Certified

• CPSC Certified

• EN 1078 Certified

Visor Specs:

• High Impact Polycarbonate

• Optically Correct

• Anti-Fog

• Anti-Scratch


S1 Lifer Visor roller derby helmet Reviews

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S1 Lifer Visor Helmet

Posted by Scary-Go-Round on Aug 22 2017

Pros: The visor is easy to get used to, clear, and definitely keeps me from getting hit in the face. Cons: It is hot, not as sweat absorbent as I would like, my water bottle hits the visor when I try to take a drink, and WOW, it's expensive. All things considered, it is well worth the cons to not get hit in the face.