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Mota Skates - Monster stoppers - set of 2 toe stops

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Product Description

skate stoppersDoug and Julie Glass had to work hard in order to better what they already developed in 2012-13. Using the best stopper formula the industry has to offer when it comes to grip and longevity, combined with a new angle, larger footprint, improved cutaway (to ensure no wheels will rub regardless of size) and hollow stems to significantly reduce the weight.

Monster Grip

Monster Rebound

Monster Lasting

Be aggressive…GO AHEAD, BE-A-MONSTER

  • 60mm Footprint(arguably the market’s largest footprint)
  • Weight 82g.
  • 25mm Stem Length (ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL)
  • NON-Marking
  • Optimum angle for maxim contact
  • Sold in pairs
  • Black or White


  • Derby
  • Hockey
  • Speed


  • Cement
  • Sports Court
  • Coated Surfaces



Mota Skates - Monster stoppers - set of 2 toe stops Reviews

Based on 1 review

If you like Bionic super stoppers, you will like these even more!

Posted by Shux on Dec 13 2017

Plenty of surface, awesome traction, my new favorite toe stop.