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Mota Skates - Boss Quad Plates Custom ( set of two plates )

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BOSS is the ultimate quad plate: Performance, simplicity and unprecedented warranty. Designed and tested by skaters for skaters…Top it off by picking a custom color that fits your style… BE- A-BOSS! BOSS packs a punch on all levels…By design – Lighter, Faster and Stronger. We have created a plate which has an attitude both in performance and in aesthetics. MOTA Skates is 100% owned and operated by skaters, our philosophy is “There is always room for improvement” as world champions we know this is imperative both at the athlete and product levels. The BOSS rivals any plate on the market, (size 5.50 194 g. base plate and kingpins, 418g. completely assembled w/out stoppers) Weight has never been our first priority but we were able to achieve arguably the lightest extruded plate in the world while maintaining its integrity. 16 degree trucks make it one of the fastest plates in the world. Speed is measured and generated in different ways. Two of the most important are quickness and power, both very important for all levels and positions of the game. 16 degree allows for unparalleled maneuverability, agility, response, and reaction. As well gives maximum power to generate top speeds. Both of these significant features allow you to have control…be your own BOSS!
Strength: This feature is very important. Having confidence in your product comes from performance capabilities and trust in what the product is capable of doing. We have extensively tested BOSS Chassis for stress fractures, breaking, bending and even malfunctioning. As we said before there is always room for improvement but have gone the extra mile to ensure you are confident with your BOSS Chassis. Although we are certain you won’t need it we have given our base plate and trucks a lifetime warranty. The warranty is to provide you with confidence. Advantages over its competitors: 7075 Alloy base plate to prevent twisting or flexing which causes kingpin and tuck issues/breaking. 7075 gives better response and control. We lowered the center of our axles by 5 MM, this raises your center of gravity, providingadditional leverage for bettermaneuverability and more power. Overall design of the plate is designed for strength, making the center area square and adding the bridges allow us to reduce weight and increase the strength. Cast bushing, like a high quality wheel we made bushings of the same way. Cast bushing have ultimate return and will not split. Key is your bushings return to their original position with every push. See our Mota bushings product page for more details. SK8-CRE8: Be different, get the highest quality productin your ownunique color 1. 4-6 week delivery 2. Available in 20 colors – Plates & Trucks 3. Polished Finish only 4. Colored Base plate & trucks Features/options Forged truck with 8mm threaded or clip axles

Mota Skates - Boss Quad Plates Custom ( set of two plates ) Reviews

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