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Atom Skates - Poison Wheels - Set of 4

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Poison provides awesome grip without that 'sluggish marshmallow' feeling which allows for more roll. Featuring super sick graphics on a bright green core, Poison will blow your competitors off the derby track!


Perfect for: Outdoor tracks, Slick Sport Courts, Bank Tracks and Dirty Wood Floors.


62mm x 44mm

62mm x 38mm

59mm x 38mm

Hardness: Hybrid


Surfaces: Slick Surfaces, Indoor/Outdoor


Technology: Solid Core Technology



Atom Skates - Poison Wheels - Set of 4 Reviews

Based on 1 review

Proved me wrong

Posted by No Class Lass on May 08 2016

I love these wheels. I am in my second season. I refused to get poisons cause everyone had them. I thought I don't need 84's. Then a skater with 5+ yrs experience told me I needed them. Now I'm in love and proven wrong. 84's are just what I need.. Plus they come in slims.