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Chicks in Bowls Ep 2 - Basic Stalls 03:28

This is the second video of a series of videos we will be putting out to help quad skaters learn to shred their local parks. In this video we cover the very basics of stalling on coping. This includes stalling forwards, fakie, jump transitions and a variety of grabs and flares you can add into your repertoire. These basic steps will help give you the tools you can use on any ramp or bowl. For any questions please feel free to contact us on facebook or reach out to one of your local chapters. In the next episode we'll be looking at vert skating. If you have something you would like to learn email us at and we will look into it for future episodes. Thanks for watching! or find us on youtube: Chicks in Bowls Demo and editing: Lady Trample Filming: Nick Agnew Music: Melanie - Brand New Key

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    This is the second video of a series of videos we will be putt...
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CIB Grind Trucks are designed for the ultimate park skate set-ups. Ride with stability. Go faster and bigger than ever before. Expand your tricks and skills to axle stalls and grinds. Compatible with most Roller Skate Plates and easy to install, just follow our simple installation instructions and you’re good to go!


Combine Grind Trucks with Pro Sliders for the ultimate ride.


Grind Trucks
  •  3 Inches Wide
  • Light Weight Design
  • Compatible with most rollerskate plates*
  • More stability!
  • More tricks!
  • More fun!

Check the list of compatible plates to see if Grind Trucks work for you. For a full break down of plates compatible with CIB Hardware click here.


Most roller skate plate kingpins will need to be replaced or trimmed down to allow clearance to grind. *Plates marked with an asterisks will need the pivot cups swapped out. ☆ Plates marked with a star will need the pivot cups modified.